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Gambling information, advice and support for young people


Youth Advisory Board Achievements

Who are we?
Who are we?

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) are a group of young people from across the entire UK who meet weekly to ensure GamCare’s work is relevant and meets the needs of young people.

We offer our advice and opinion on every area of the organisation. We have chosen our main priorities for the year, which you can see below.

Priorities for 2023-24

  • Digital Development
  • Strategic Input
  • The Gambling Act Review
  • Raising awareness by public speaking

“The YAB is very relaxed and there is no pressure to complete the activities. Feels like a community rather than a forced activity.”

Youth Advisor, April 2022

What the Youth Advisory Board has achieved this year

Annual Report 2022-23

Achievement RoadMap 2022-23

Insight Reports

Breaking down the Barriers for young people engaging in support

A primary concern of the Youth Advisory Board has been breaking down the barriers for young people when engaging in support or treatment services. This report delves into their efforts to combat this issue.

Through their identification of these barriers and creation of solutions the Youth Advisory Board have published this report to aid not only gambling support services but all services to foster a more accessible support environment for young people.

ASA/Cap Gambling Rules for Under-18s

The Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) announced the introduction of new rules for gambling advertisements as part of their committment to safeguarding young people and vulnerable audiences, coming into action in October 2022.

We asked our Youth Advisory Board (YAB) for their opinions on the new rules and if they agreed that they would be beneficial.

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Youth Advisory Board Achievements

Sadiya, Youth Advisor 2023
Sadiya, Youth Advisor 2023

“It was an amazing experience being part of the YAB, for DofE and just for helping the community.

I have met different people, from all different types of backgrounds. We shared many thoughts, opinions and experiences, that helped me to gain a better understanding about gambling. It was wonderful being here, thank you.”

Did you know?

350,000 children aged 11-16 gamble each week?

That’s more than those who smoke cigarettes or take illegal drugs. We offer free workshops for young people, free CPD-accredited training for professionals and workshops for parents and carers which cover gambling and how it can become harmful, how to keep yourself safe if you choose to gamble, and gaming. Workshops for young people are interactive and fun, and a safe space to talk about everything and anything you want to know about gambling.