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Gambling information, advice and support for young people



BigDeal is a place for young people to get information, advice and guidance about gambling. We also help parents and professionals such as teachers, social workers and youth workers. We know all about gambling, how someone else’s gambling can affect you, and about the difficulties young people can get into if their gambling gets out of hand. That’s why you can share your worries via our live chat or helpline, without fear of judgement.

BigDeal is dedicated to young people and is part of GamCare, the organisation that runs the National Gambling Helpline and Netline. Check out the GamCare website here.

What is gambling and when is it a concern?

There are so many types of gambling like slot machines, casinos, betting on who will win the football – it’s enough to make your head spin. For some young people, gambling occasionally (when you are old enough, of course!) can be fun. For others, it might be difficult to know when and how to stop. Whether you gamble a lot, buy the occasional scratchcard, or have never bet on anything, we’re here to help you understand how it all works, and support you if you need it.

Who do we help?

We help children and teenagers, from 11 years up. You might be here to get the facts about gambling and find out how it can become harmful, or maybe you are worried about your own gambling, or someone else’s. We also provide resources for parents and for professionals who work with young people.

How do we help?

Gambling may not have been explained to you at school, and it may not be something you talk to your parents about. Here at BigDeal, we give you the facts about gambling, so you can make informed choices in the future. We also offer confidential support on the phone or via live chat, so if you’re worried about anything related to gambling, why not take a weight off your mind and get in touch.

Our services

Young People Service

Our Young People Service offers support to young people who are struggling with their own gambling or the gambling of someone close to them, such as a parent. We are a team of friendly practitioners who are trained to help. We will never judge you if you are gambling, but we do know how tough it can be when things seem out of control. You can contact us directly here or someone can get in touch for you.

If you decide this is the help you need, we will create a support plan together with you, and agree on some goals to work towards. We won’t tell your parents unless you agree. We will be there throughout to help you and review your progress, and we will celebrate your achievements and success.

“Did you know that 350,000 children aged 11-16 participate in a gambling activity each week?”

Young People’s Programme

Did you know that 350,00 children aged 11-16 gamble each week? That’s more than those who smoke cigarettes or take illegal drugs. We offer free workshops for young people and free CPD-accredited training for professionals, which cover gambling and how it can become harmful, how to keep yourself safe if you choose to gamble, and gaming. Workshops for young people are interactive and fun, and a safe space to talk about everything and anything you want to know about gambling.

You can register your interest here.

Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

Our Youth Advisory Board (also known as YAB) will give young people the chance to be at the heart of decision making in GamCare. The YAB will ensure our work is relevant and meets the needs of young people throughout the UK.

Our Youth Advisors work with staff across GamCare, providing insights on our content, services, and communications. This offers young people an opportunity for their voice to be heard, meet peers from across the UK, and develop new skills and experiences.

To find out more or to recommend a young person to join our Youth Advisory Board contact: [email protected]

How BigDeal is helping

young people attended a workshop with us in the last 4 years

professionals completed training with us in the last 4 years

of young people we saw now know how to make safe choices about gambling