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Gambling information, advice and support for young people

Why youth programmes are so important 

Youth Advisor Joseph from our Youth Advisory Board, shared his views on why youth programmes are so important.

Young people today often feel the pressures of a rapidly evolving world, where changes happen at an alarming rate. Education and guidance for young people is more important than ever, with technology shaping our futures more and more. Youth Programmes offer a chance to speak to young people directly, providing an essential tool to help navigate their futures.

Early intervention 

Youth Programmes seek to highlight the risks of gambling harm to those who may be affected. The earlier we are able to speak to young people, the earlier we can offer support to those who may be affected and educate those who aren’t on the consequences of gambling harm.

Prevention Awareness

Youth programmes are an effective method of raising awareness on the crucial issues surrounding gambling-related harm. Educating individuals on the consequences and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to avoid harmful mistakes. Spreading awareness early on is a key part of prevention and is a key tool in Youth Programmes.

Responsible decision making 

Young people today have a huge amount of responsibility and have far more focus on their own decision making. This is why we believe it is so important to use youth programmes as they provide young people with support, guidance, and knowledge. They also teach them critical life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution and invaluable skills for navigating their way through life.

Educate them on the consequences 

The consequences of our actions are not always easy to see. For young people, who may still be navigating and developing, educating them on the consequences of certain actions is extremely valuable and may help guide them with their future actions and decision making.

Diversity and inclusion 

Diversity is incredibly important and we must always consider both diversity and inclusion when approaching Youth Programmes. Offering a wide array of educational tools available to all allows us to reach a diverse audience and offer support wherever needed.


In conclusion, Youth Programmes are an essential part of educating and guiding young people, providing the tools for them to navigate safer gambling practices. An open place to learn and discuss issues, Youth Programmes are an important service that offer safe spaces for young people to learn about gambling harm.

*This article is written by Joseph, Youth Advisor on our Youth Advisory Board and all views represented are his own.