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Gambling information, advice and support for young people

Youth Programme Freshers Campaign and Survey Results

As we conclude Freshers 2023, we are releasing our Freshers 2022 report, highlighting the data and statistics from last year.

Today, we publish our Autumn 2022 Freshers Campaign and Survey Results, which highlights that 63% of students said they take part in at least one gambling activity.

Over 7 weeks in September/October 2022, the Youth Programme attended 50 Freshers events across the country. The Fresher’s events allowed us to reach many students with information they could use in the future, but we also encountered some students who were already at risk of gambling harm.

Key findings from the Freshers Report:

  • 71% said that someone close to them gambles, showing that many students are exposed to gambling, whether they take part or not.
  • 40% mentioned their friends or colleagues take part in gambling activities.
  • The most popular activity within this age range was arcades, followed by bets with friends.
  • The main worry students had was around money and finances (27%).

We will share our Freshers 2023 campaign in December.

You can access the full Freshers Report below